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FitzMartin is a sales and marketing consultancy

You are probably looking for more profitable sales, from better customers. We exist to help.

At FitzMartin, we work with the marketing, sales and C-suite executives at B2B service firms, manufacturers and other companies facing a highly considered buying decision; we focus on improving the ROI of their sales and marketing efforts.

What motivates our clients? Almost all of our clients are dealing with hard problems, problems that it is imperative they solve. Sound familiar? They hire us to help them sell to high-value, but hard-to-reach prospects; to craft relevant brands with a powerful, defendable position; to map a path that guides their prospects through a long and complex sales process; or designing smart, beautiful tools that compel prospects to become customers.

What does the help they need look like? Clients come to us for two things: strategic consulting and creative execution. Every client engagement begins with a problem, typically a complex, knotty problem that has inhibited growth for years. It might look like a sales and process improvement plan, a product/service evolution or a customer experience innovation. It is here that we untangle the knots and give direction. Our creative and tactical work ranges from websites and inbound marketing technology and strategies to traditional marketing tools and data-driven digital advertising plans that are proven, persuasive and measurable.

While no two clients are exactly the same, we might be a good fit for your company if you face a long, complex sales cycle, with multiple decision makers and you are just not getting the results you feel you should. By aligning your sales, marketing and information technology efforts, we can help you overcome the barriers at each stage of the sales cycle that are preventing your company’s growth.


Because the most profound results are a combination of innovative thinking, clear, compelling writing and great design.

As we say, marketing is a process not an event. We help align your processes so that you consistently produce greater results.

Design is an essential element when building a significant brand.

Helping important causes and companies understand why, how and to whom they mattered.

We help significant brands persuade employees, customers, shareholders and prospects.

Since FitzMartin's inception we've helped like Southern Living business effectively sell their products and services.

Brands have turned to us to solve complex sales and marketing problems, to define what makes each client unique and to create significant results.

The Customer Decision Journey plays out mostly online. Which has giant implications for how you market and sell your products or services.

We help align the sales process with marketing tools and technology to drive more profitable sales.