The more you understand what motivates people — the easier it is to help

Every business wants more sales from better customers. This is especially true for companies whose products or services are particularly hard to sell; companies that face a long, complex sales process with multiple decision makers.

FitzMartin is a sales consultancy and marketing agency. We dig deep to understand the barriers that inhibit your sales, and to align your marketing efforts and sales behaviors to overcome those barriers — all to help you grow. Our approach, which we call Cognitive Marketing, is grounded in the science of behavior change.

Better customers are more profitable customers. And that is exactly what we help you create.

Selling more begins with the science of behavior change

Our approach to helping your business grow is based on the groundbreaking research into behavior change of three scientists: James Prochaska, John Norcross and Carlo DiClementa. Their research focused on one of the most difficult behaviors to change — helping people to quit smoking.

What their research stated, in essence, is that there are six distinct stages people must pass through when making a buying decision. The CDJ. Of course. Not much new there. What was groundbreaking about their work, though, were the nine processes they identified that help people move from one stage to the next in the decision journey. Those nine processes gave us a framework to build more effective marketing sales strategies—to produce greater results for our clients.

So we’ve taken this science of behavior-change and applied it to modern sales and marketing — we call it cognitive marketing.

Pedro from a product launch campaign for SPOC Automation.

The Customer Decision Journey

Aligning sales & marketing around the customer

Marketing Planning Retreats

Imagine your entire team, united around a single purpose

Sales and Cognitive Marketing

The science of behavior change and sales

The Finished Product

The work and the results

Overcoming Barriers to Growth: the Avadian Credit Union story

One of the biggest challenges any company can face is what to do when its position in the market changes and historical strengths become barriers to new growth. Nowhere has this dilemma been more apparent than in the credit union industry.

In 2010, Alabama Telco faced this exact challenge and hired FitzMartin to help lead one of the most significant strategic changes in the long history of the credit union.

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