from the financial services, manufacturing, and professional services sector.

We helped

  • increase sales 90% over the previous year after re-launching a vinyl fabric product with a new wholesale rebate concept.
  • a bank client with a high-impact direct mail campaign that enabled its sales force to get meetings with 58% of their most elusive business prospects, resulting in more than $200 million in new business requests.
  • a client get over 500 responses to an event. The goal was 200. The CEO’s response? “Wow… I think the creative was largely the reason.”
  • a building products manufacturer solve this B2B sales problem: “In a vertical market where our products look more and more like commodities, what are the sales barriers keeping us from standing out, getting the spec, and selling more?”
  • a medium-sized law firm with web strategy and trade advertising, helping them grow to four states. At the same time, fees from their top clients grew ten-fold and their total revenues grew on average at 33% per year.
  • a small financial services company double their revenues to $8 million and triple the number of national clients they served.
  • a company recover the entire cost of the web site we created for them – within the first month – after a new client found them on the web via a search engine.
  • create a successful customer retention strategy for a bank that resulted in over 2,000 customers coming to a special campaign web site.
  • re-launch a product for a commercial contract furnishings manufacturer, doubling sales in two years. Awareness of the brand, as measured by a major trade publisher, went from zero to seven (on a 10 scale) in just four years.
  • a regional bank implement a campaign that converted 16% of their high-value, hard-to-reach business prospects resulting in over $400 million in new deposits, fees and loans.
  • a leading document processing manufacturer regains its sales leadership in Europe.