“Nothing else matters unless something gets sold.”

Over the past twenty-six years, we’ve learned a lot of lessons, as any business that survives that long surely will. The lessons of our past, with an eye on tomorrow, continue to define why our clients hire us today.

Almost from the beginning, we were able to serve some notable clients, including GreyStone, Eye Care Associates, The Southeastern Conference, Compass Bank, Samford University and Southern Living magazine.

When you get down to core strengths, FitzMartin is known for obtaining results through insightful selling and marketing strategies that help people change their behavior, i.e. buy your product or service instead of your competitors. …and we do it in a pleasant way.

Our expertise is untangling extremely difficult business problems. We can do this through a behavioral science based framework and ability to deconstruct complicated business situations.

As our clients’ needs grew, so too did our business. A few short years after our founding, we were far more than a design firm—helping our clients with integrated marketing and strategic planning, as well as creative tactical execution of broad reaching marketing/communication/advertising programs. Today, we offer digital marketing improvement programs, marketing automation technology services, significant web capabilities, application development to the traditional PR, TV and radio production and once in a while even an ole’ fashioned printed brochure!

Some of the most sought after offerings we present are focused around our abilities to work directly with a sales force and find process improvement through training sessions, seminars or application of technology.

Marketing consulting is a second offering that garners much attention. Rapidly growing firms need help evaluating data, doing voice of the customer programs, developing new products and services or crafting a customer experience. We bring “b-school” consulting to the table. …we are even offering annual marketing planning in a retreat style setting.

Yes, thinking, creative and storytelling is central to everything we do. But what often gets forgotten is how you get there. The journey is critical. Core to our story is a culture shaped by account service and people who make the doing of the work as pleasurable as any. Well, more so. We have many long-term clients who simply state, we are easy to work with. Our promise: talented but no prima donna creatives, no surprises or crazy prices, consistent process and absolute integrity. Those values are as much of our brand history and promise as effective marketing.

Now notable clients enjoy our history and our deep commitment to business. Client such as American Family Care, who we are helping grow revenue through franchise growth, Warren Averett where we are helping targeted high value prospect and Avadian Credit Union for more traditional consumer facing efforts or Taziki’s where we are guiding the brand to own the customer experience, back of house to architecture and in store experience.

Any agency can buy you brand awareness…we offer clients help through the whole sales cycle. Net new customers, direct or referral, …and always strategic. We focus on driving revenue in concert with your business planning.

FitzMartin is a consultancy who works with B2B executives that are focused on improving the ROI of their sales and marketing operations. Clients hire us to help them sell to high-value hard-to-reach prospects; to craft relevant brands with defendable positioning; to use digital tools in powerful ways, to sell more.