Digital & Data

In the digital age, the customer decision journey lives online. The challenge is to connect all of the many digital components together into something that works seamlessly. Web design. Digital advertising. Search optimization. Mobile. Social media. Marketing automation. CRM systems. Content strategies. Data analytics. It’s like assembling a puzzle while the pieces change shape.

B2B companies will thrive or falter on their ability to bring all those digital tools together to engage prospects early in the sales cycle, to gauge their prospects' needs and give them the relevant information that will inform and persuade along each step of the decision journey.

spoc automation, website,Our data-driven digital marketing initiatives empower you to deliver the right information to your prospect at each stage of the sales cycle. We do this through a proven process that puts customer needs at the heart of each component of your digital strategy, from web design to content strategy, from digital advertising to social media efforts. We can also work with your tech talent to tie everything together through CRM systems, marketing automation software and data mining/warehousing.

Equally important, we take the time to share and interpret results on an ongoing basis (in monthly or quarterly intervals) in order to identify what works and what can be adjusted to create the greatest returns. This approach not only generates considerable gains in sales but also more efficient marketing.

At the end of each engagement, we deliver a comprehensive results report that defines ROI based on customer acquisition cost and lifetime value.


Lead Generation

Our specifically tailored digital campaigns combine behavioral science with paid search and social advertising to drive the right visitors to the right content.

Part-Time CMO

In the near term, success commonly hinges on increasing the sales of one product or bolstering the profitability of an entire division. In the long run, it means giving marketing the influence and control to drive results.