Integrated Initiatives

Ultimately, our firm exists to help clients produce results. Our most successful engagements come when we integrate the strength of our consulting insights with the power of our creative development. This kind of integrated approach mitigates risk, while maximizing your overall marketing investment.


The key difference between FitzMartin and other marketing and sales consultants is that we have a long history of doing, of creating the tools that actually work. We go well beyond theory and planning—we’re typically hip deep in the execution phase as well across a range of tactical tools both traditional and digital. What distinguishes us from the typical “creative shop” is our strategic approach to building communications tools that work. We never approach any project as design for design’s sake—which is a waste of client money, time and trust.


Our Integrated Initiatives accomplish the deep thinking (consulting) and the heavy lifting (creative development). These engagements range from extensive web development to employee communications to national sales initiatives targeted to highly valued and highly elusive prospects. Our Integrated Initiatives are as comprehensive as they are thorough, covering traditional analog tools to sophisticated data-driven digital executions across a range of applications.

High Value, Hard to Reach

Our “High Impact” integrated marketing campaigns are as effective of a B2B lead nurturing sales tool as one will find. They're effective for one simple reason: because we crafted them specifically to help clients land the most valuable, but elusive, prospects.

Consumer Decision Journey Alignment

The buying process - the consumer decision journey - is no longer neat, clean or rational. It has evolved into something increasingly digital - and more chaotic.