Podcast Appearances

FitzMartin CEO, Sean Doyle, makes regular guest appearances on shows throughout the podcasting world focused on sales & marketing issues. You can check out his most recent appearances here.

Industrial Talk

In this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast Sean Doyle shares insights about “Achieving Revenue Gains by Aligning your Marketing and Sales Organizations”. Get the answers to your “Revenue Gain” questions along with Sean’s unique insight on the “How”. Listen Now.

Sales POP!

Have you ever thought of marketing and sales through the eyes of science? In this episode, Sean Doyle discusses cognitive marketing with John Golden on the SalesPOP! podcast. Listen Now.

Actionable Marketing

Actionable Marketing Podcast, powered by CoSchedule, brings you insights from leaders in content marketing to help you run more effective content marketing campaigns. In this episode Sean Doyle joins Ben Sailer, Inbound Marketing Director at CoSchedule, to share insights around building a better Martech stack by understanding data and the science of behavioral change. Listen Now.

Make It Right

The Make It Right podcast, hosted by Janet Eastman was launched by industry veteran and author Kevin Snook who has 30 years of experience in manufacturing. The podcast was launched as a vehicle for industry experts to share ideas, solutions, insights to help manufacturing CEOs and their teams make it right and succeed. In this episode, Sean Doyle reveals how the science of behavioral change can help amplify your sales. Listen Now. 

The Small Business Advocate Show

Sean Doyle is a recurring guest on the well known syndicated weekday radio program, The Small Business Advocate Show. You can listen to all episodes here.

All Episodes

The Power of Leveraging Core Values: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the CEO’s responsibility of leveraging the organization’s core values to drive growth, engagement, and sustainability. Listen Now.

How Companies Use Core Values to Sustain Success: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to tell some stories about how real companies have recovered from near-death conditions by discovering their core values and how to leverage them for all stakeholders. Listen Now. 

How To Compete Against the Giant Tech Companies, Like Amazon: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to offer suggestions on how to structure your business and strategy so you can survive and thrive as the big tech competitors pursue their strategies. Listen Now.

What You Have To Do To Increase Your “Net-Promoter” Score: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal the concept of a “net-promoter” score, how Amazon ranks, and what you have to do to compete on that metric. Listen Now.

Target Marketing Based On Identifying the Pain: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the steps to take to identify prospect pain and establish a marketing strategy around stopping it. Listen Now.

How to Identify the Pain Your Prospects are Feeling: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal how to identify the pain your prospects and customers are feeling so you can address it in your marketing strategy. Listen Now.

What is Marketing and Why is That Definition Important: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to define what marketing looks like in a small business, and why it must be committed with time and budget. Listen Now.

The Power Of Inbound Marketing: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal what in-bound marketing is, and why it can be so powerful for a small business to reach new customers. Listen Now.

Don’t Have Failure to Communicate Through Your Ad Copy: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to discuss some ways to word your ad and marketing communication, so that it sounds more like everyday language. Listen Now.

Restart Your Business Post-Pandemic: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the challenge of being so overcome by the pandemic shutdown that you wind up with regrets about opportunities you missed, including delegating more. Listen Now.

Focus on These Three Things To Avoid Post-Pandemic Regrets: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to recommend looking at how your organization is structured operationally post-pandemic to avoid having regrets about missed opportunities. Listen Now.

Getting The Attention of a Prospect Before They Even Think About Buying: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to reveal some of the steps to take to get on the radar of prospects before they even contemplate what you sell. Listen Now.

How to Use Influencers As a Major Marketing Strategy: Sean Doyle joins Jim Blasingame to discuss the power of influencers, including micro and nano-influencers, as a way to get prospects to learn about your business and trust you. Listen Now.

The Marketing Book Podcast:

Hosted by Artillery’s founder and principal, Douglas Burdett, The Marketing Book Podcast has been named by LinkedIn as 1 of 10 Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Marketer and by Forbes as 1 of 11 Podcasts That Will Keep You in the Know. In this episode, learn about three of the most common misperceptions of marketing that are discussed in the book “Shift”, written by Sean M. Doyle, Principal of FitzMartin.
Listen Now.

Sweet Fish Media Show

B2B Growth is a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. In this episode, we talk to Sean Doyle, Principal of FitzMartin about the Four Conversations that Make Marketing Work. Listen Now

Sean M. Doyle, Founder and CEO, FitzMartin