Marketing Consulting

Our marketing consulting services are built around one stubborn belief: marketing exists to create shareholder value. Marketing creates value in the near term by supporting sales and crafting exceptional  customer experiences. Over the long run, marketing is most effective when it provides focus and informs decision-making — when it is driving business strategy and product/service evolution.

Clients often turn to us for guidance in the design of their marketing department structure, as well as the processes that produce the powerful content strategies that drive results in both digital and traditional strategies. Our clients rely on us to tie together sales, marketing and information systems to deliver data-driven customer relationship marketing strategies. And to ensure that the tools we create fulfill actual needs.

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We also work with clients to define new markets and validate new product/service offerings. We’ve worked with tech startups, Fortune 500 manufacturers and regional financial-services firms.

Because we believe that innovation is the application of empathy, we have a tried and true innovation methodology that reveals unexpressed needs, creates opportunities, and drives product and service evolution.

Marketing is critical because no competitive advantage is safe in a world constant change and disruption. Marketing is impactful because it has the potential to align the strengths of the entire organization to a common purpose. That is why we help marketing departments reach across functional boundaries to drive profits today, while simultaneously pursuing the opportunities that will bring profits tomorrow.