BBVA Compass – “The Nook”

In this iteration, we positioned BBVA as a local bank that understands both the prospect’s industry and its local markets, while offering the strength of an international bank. The campaign was built on the idea that the value of a BBVA Compass relationship is seen in the success of the bank’s customers.

The gift, a Nook e-reader, was impossible to ignore. Again, the more personal message drove better results. Subtle details included a BBVA Compass logo on the Nook’s startup screen. We even created a follow-up package for the RM to leave behind after their first face-to-face meeting that included a gift card for one e-book.

The campaign generated $127 million worth of new relationships (comprised of $100 million in new commercial loans). If the average duration of each commercial loan is 10 years, at an effective interest rate of 3.04%, projected interest revenue is approximately $14 million.


Average Response Rate:
Average Value of Relationship per New Customer Acquired:
Average Customer Acquisition Cost:
Average Projected Loan Revenue per Campaign:
49 million
Average Return on Marketing Investment: