Enhance Customer Experience through Employee Driven Innovation

We believe that innovation is the practice of empathy. That’s why we also believe that many of the best customer experience initiatives are conceived from the ground up. Not only are those ideas the most practical. They are also more commonly embraced than “memos from management.”

The businesses that equip their front lines with the skills (and permission) to identify customer needs will reach new heights in employee engagement, customer service and satisfaction.

How do we empower employees to enhance the customer experience? We begin by establishing “Experience Teams” comprised of employees across an array of functional areas. These multidisciplinary teams are tasked with studying “Hospitality,” “Service,” “Product/Service Offerings” and “Integration.”

We then teach team members the customer observation techniques that will help them hone in on unmet needs and opportunities for improvement. Once armed with these skills, employees can create with the customer in mind.

To tap into new perspectives, we intentionally task employee with roles outside of their day-to-day jobs. After all, the latest research into employee motivation and productivity reveals that when you give employees more autonomy and purpose, they reward you with better work.

Typical engagement investment: $55,000 to $75,000

Why rebrand a business more than 80 years old? When your past becomes a barrier to new growth.

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