High Value? Great! Hard to Reach? No Problem!

Our “High Impact” integrated marketing campaigns are as effective of a B2B lead nurturing sales tool as one will find.

Designed specifically to reach valuable C-suite level prospects in the early stages of a sales pipeline, this integrated lead nurturing campaign has a long history of stellar results and triple digit ROI.

This initiative is impactful because it leverages two emerging realities in sales and marketing:

  • Helping is the new selling. Experts teach. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, companies that only sell will get so far (even those that sell aggressively). By contrast, the businesses that sell by sharing their expertise will realize sustainable growth.

This initiative is a great fit for B2B companies that truly differentiate through expertise. Think of it as inbound marketing applied to direct mail.

  • In a digital world, tracking outcomes has never been easier. Our “High Impact” campaigns offer a potent blend of direct mail and digital content that will get your sales force past the gatekeepers and in front of your prospects. The outcomes of each campaign component can be measured and evaluated to determine what works (and why). The drivers of response will no longer be a mystery.

Typical engagement investment: $250,000

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