Know what to Measure.
And How to Measure it

“Marketing is more important than marketers say it is, but not for the reasons they give us.” – Ramesh Rao, University of Texas at Austin
Marketing drives shareholder value. To demonstrate how, marketers must go beyond day-to-day campaign level measurements to evaluate marketing’s impact on the bottom line (marketing metrics). We have to take into account the costs and benefits of everything we do: just like other business functions. We have to prove the outcome of our decisions. That is not easy, but it is far from impossible.

Our Marketing ROI engagements will measure what matters while teaching you how to evaluate the impact of marketing on your organization. This collaborative, step-by-step process will collaborate with marketing, finance/accounting and operations to build measurement frameworks that work. The result: better marketing ROI through disciplined, sound decision making.

Typical engagement investment: $16,800 - $22,400

To learn eight critical measures of marketing performance.

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