What does success look like to you? What will it take?

In the near term, success commonly hinges on increasing the sales of one product or bolstering the profitability of an entire division. In the long run, reliable growth often means providing marketing the influence it needs to deliver stellar results.

We have crafted this Part-time Chief Marketing Officer engagement to equip your business with the immediate results and long-term focus that it needs to thrive.

Those who benefit the most from this service are:

  • Facing a significant challenge. This may be a product or service that isn’t selling at the rate it should due to a new, or unforeseen, barrier. Most often, that challenge is a slow boil – an unidentified hurdle that has been an impediment to growth for years.

  • Looking for guidance and is open to embracing a different perspective tempered by business acumen – not kooky blue-sky ideas that are impractical (or manic sales programs that are unsustainable).

  • Ready to take the necessary steps in pursuit of sustainable growth, even when it means doing things differently.

Our Part-time CMO engagement is a unique solution for businesses that are ready to harness marketing’s potential across the entire organization. We begin by identifying the root of your marketing, sales and product challenges. We’ll then work with your sales force and executive team to attack those issues head on in pursuit of more sales from better customers. This will be accomplished while we simultaneously build the marketing management structure and tools that will ensure durable growth.

This engagement commonly lasts a duration of 12 months (broken down into quarterly phases).

Typical engagement investment: $90,000 ($7,500/month)

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