Sales Barrier Analysis

Prospects are connecting with B2B brands in a fundamentally different way.

The buying process – the consumer decision journey – is no longer neat, clean or rational because the prospect is now completely in charge. They are tapping into multiple sources – both online and offline, to educate themselves and evaluate possibilities. Traditional sales and marketing strategies no longer suffice.

  • By the time a B2B buyer contacts a sales reps, the prospect has already progressed through 60% of the consumer decision journey. They’ve done most of their due diligence to not only define their problem, but assess the value of your solution. This explains why…
  • 72% of B2B purchase decision makers say that a major determinant of purchase choice is a sales rep’s ability to “solve business objectives.”

Aligning your sales and marketing

B2B prospects are reaching out to sales reps later in the consumer decision journey. They are also weeding out potential providers from consideration before sales forces have a chance to intervene.

The power of your sales team to shape initial expectations, to frame problems in a way that couches your offerings in the most favorable light, has been severely eroded.

You need more than just marketing and sales aligned with each other – you also need marketing and sales jointly aligned with your “customer to be” (the prospect).

Our Sales Gap Analysis applies a proven behavioral science methodology to clarify what tools (and selling behaviors) are appropriate at each stage of the consumer decision journey. We start by working with you to appraise the current performance of your sales and marketing efforts. We then look closely to identify what gaps (or barriers) might exist in your sales and marketing processes from the perspective of B2B decision makers. From there, we’ll collaborate with you to plug those gaps and tear down any walls.

The result will be more sales from better customers.How? By giving you the guidance and direction you need to adapt to a world where prospects want control. By equipping you with the right sales processes and tools at the correct time. By providing you the clarity to bring marketing, sales and prospects into alignment

Typical engagement investment: $28,000 – $35,000 (discounts on additional LOB)