Win Through Consumer Decision Journey Alignment

The buying process – the consumer decision journey – is no longer neat, clean or rational. It has evolved into something increasingly digital – more iterative. Your customers now have access to all of the resources they need to educate themselves about your offerings, and their needs, at their own pace.

Moreover, your prospects are adding (and subtracting) potential partners from their consideration set as they go – before they reach out to your sales force.

Prospects are tapping into multiple sources – both online and offline, to define their needs and evaluate your offerings. The sales and marketing teams that thrive will be the ones that ditch the “funnel” metaphor. You need more than just marketing and sales alignment – you also need customer alignment.

Our Consumer Decision Journey alignment engagements provide comprehensive sales and marketing process improvement rooted in a proven behavioral science methodology. We start by discovering the consumer decision journey of your customers. Meanwhile, we will work with you to evaluate the performance of your marketing and sales efforts.

Once we’ve defined the consumer decision journey, we will then look closely to identify immediate and near term opportunities to align your marketing and sales departments with your prospects. We’ll also collaborate with you to identify and fix the gaps in your sales and marketing processes.

In the near term, this engagement will create better marketing and sales initiatives. In the long-run, you will gain the enhanced business development capabilities that will drive durable growth. The ultimate result will be more sales from better customers.

Typical engagement investment: $40,000 to $45,000

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