Samford University

Brochure, Interactive Design

In 2013, Samford University launched a new College of Health Sciences, combining all of their health-related programs into one college. One of the most ambitious projects in the University’s history, the College of Health Sciences brought together four schools: the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing, the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, the School of Health Professions and the School of Public Health. In addition to the University’s existing programs, the College of Health Sciences also launched a number of new majors and degrees for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Our work for Samford began with a position. The health-related professions are more than a career — they are a calling. A calling to serve others. A calling to improve the lives of individuals, locally and in communities around the world.

From that message, we built a number of new communication tools to introduce the College to a variety of audiences, from prospective students to new faculty and potential donors. We created a print brochure, individual promotional sheets for each major and five new web sites. The content on each site served two purposes. First, we told stories of Samford people who are answering the calling of their lives and creating a positive impact on the lives of others. We also used the content to illustrate all of the College’s existing degree programs, while introducing the many new programs that Samford is planning to roll out in the coming years. 

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