Sales Consulting

For many companies, the sales process is only loosely integrated with marketing. To help clients win business, we’ve crafted a variety of consulting offerings that empower sales with potent processes and tools, while aligning their sales and marketing efforts to create more sustainable results.

Our approach in consulting is systematic and repeatable, honed by 25 years of client engagements. These offerings can be applied organization-wide, through individual coaching or via in-house seminars. We’ve also developed a series of diagnostics that will identify the flaws in your sales process.

The clients who benefit most from this kind of a consulting engagement are those facing a significant sales challenge – often manifested as a product or service that isn’t selling to its potential. Our most successful clients are not just looking for good advice; they are ready to make the necessary changes to guide their business to success.

Consumer Decision Journey Alignment

The buying process - the consumer decision journey - is no longer neat, clean or rational. It has evolved into something increasingly digital - and more chaotic.

Sales Barrier Analysis

Now that the buyer is in charge of the buying process, having the right sales tools (and knowing when to use them) is paramount.