The Right Fit

We’ve been in this business long enough to know that we are not the right firm for everyone. And that’s ok. We value the right fit with our clients, as much as they do. Some of the most common questions we hear:


What can I expect to spend to best leverage my competitive advantage?

It’s a difficult question to answer, because the only way to know is to first study the scope of the problem. Any specific figure, without a clear understanding of the nature of the challenge, is a guess.

That said, in the typical business-to-business environment, an annual budget of $150,000 (at minimum) can provide the resources to create the kind of intelligent planning and effective execution that produce results.


Will you spend our entire budget on planning?

The short answer is no; we would never allow planning to consume your budget, leaving you nothing with which to implement the plan.


I have a plan in place. Do you do project work?

Yes, in fact many of our consulting engagements are completed as single projects. We also write and design annual reports, web sites, tradeshow projects, etc. No matter how you employ us, we will first gain understanding of your plan and then execute the projects you require in a manner that fits the plan. Many of our clients have in-house creative teams. Even on integrated initiatives, it rarely makes sense for us to execute every portion of a plan. Our philosophy of collaboration ensures that we both identify projects that we should logically complete and projects that are best managed in-house.

We have created plans for clients who then implemented everything in-house. We’ve also helped clients who’ve invested thousands of dollars per customer sold. In short, we are flexible and we’ll work within your budget. If you need it, we’ll even help you identify a budget that makes sense for your company.

So how much do you need to spend? The frustrating answer is “it depends.” But you should be skeptical of anyone who says they have a concrete answer for you without a detailed understanding of your challenges. It’s like a doctor offering a diagnosis without an examination. One fact has remained constant throughout the long history of our firm. We will never spend a penny of your money unless you approve it, in writing.