FitzMartin took us from the 1980s into the 21st century. The day they flipped the switch, leads literally came in instantaneously. I’d never seen anything like it. It was absolutely incredible!

– Carmenchu Mendiola-FernandezChief Marketing Officer – The Washington Center

The Washington Center (TWC)


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Sales Enablement

A simple truth: Rapid growth is the byproduct of sales and marketing in alignment with the prospect.

The Washington Center provides immersive internships and academic seminars in Washington, D.C., to students from hundreds of colleges and universities from across the U.S. and more than twenty-five countries. TWC offers students internship access to more than 600 corporate, government and foundation partners. TWC helps students, who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue their interests, experience what a successful career looks like and establish a path toward their professional future.

Admissions as a Business-to-Business Sale

Few sales problems are simple – particularly for academic institutions pursuing student enrollment. Often, recruiting takes time – lots of time – to close a sale. Institutions must convince students with many different academic tracks and backgrounds, each with their own unique motivations and needs. An internship also must fit into complex course-load requirements for majors and degrees across an array of schools. Also, experiential learning programs such as internships are… well… expensive.

The stakes are every bit as high for B2B sales; they are characterized by a similar degree of complexity as well.

The Challenge

TWC knew, fundamentally, that their organization had to change. Admissions (sales) to their program were down. Every year, at the height of recruiting season, the entire 90-person staff would hit the road to visit colleges and universities across the nation. They weren’t collecting leads online. Their sales processes were expensive and producing fewer results with every passing year.

TWC had systemic problems. No creative, no media plan was going to fundamentally change their success, without a reinvention of their organization.

Cross-over is crucial between stages to ensure accurate communications.
TWC had the unique position of having designated people handling advocacy (alumni).

First things first

Together we overhauled their marketing and recruiting departments, helping define the various responsibilities between marketing and the recruiters. We collaborated to redefine their recruiting processes, as well as the design of the student experience. Only then did we plug in the tools to fit their new reality, specifically marketing automation technology synced with their CRM system.

Once TWC’s digital assets were in place, we helped plan and execute a series of campaigns, each focused on prospects at different points in the Customer Decision Journey. The results were almost instantaneous.


To their credit, TWC embraced the change (including the Cognitive Marketing model) and made it their own. While fundamental change is almost always a long challenge — TWC began seeing results almost immediately.

Enrollment goal for Summer 19:

Increase digital leads from 3% to 5% by December 2018, 10% by June 2019.
Rollout KPI(s) for marketing team
Reconsider Workflow. Build plan by Aug. 1. Implement by Sept 1, 2018.
By August 2018, MAT implemented and using. Consolidate unnecessary systems.
Determine indicators of app starts. Study current data and set goals for web traffic, engagement, conversions.
Refine marketing department model and staffing.
Staff retreat to discuss the basics of the marketing/sales operation, concepts, phases, the role of content and digital to generate leads across programs and partnerships.
Sales Enablement: develop territory model for admissions and workflow, train TWC how to implement and measure effectiveness of model.
Rethink the AIP journey from lead generation to check-in. Rethink content from the perspective of the CDJ. Present proposal to area leaders.
Establish a digital strategy to generate qualified leads for the AIP program.
Teach TWC staff how to internally develop, execute and measure an integrated digital marketing campaign (paid, owned, earned) using HubSpot as its marketing automation platform.