FitzMartin is a sales and marketing consultancy, founded in 1992, with a focus on B2B and Financial Services clients. For more than two decades and for hundreds of clients, we’ve applied the science of behavioral psychology and the art of design to help our clients grow their revenue by adding more, and more profitable, customers. We are able to help clients solve a multitude of complex problems by aligning their marketing and sales efforts around the buyer.


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Sean Doyle

Co-Founder, Principal, Director of Strategy

Sean is a principal at FitzMartin, and our leading mind and voice on sales and marketing strategy. Sean is particularly adept at applying the science of behavior change to the art of sales and marketing. It’s an approach that he and FitzMartin have developed over thousands of client engagements since 1992.

Sean is an author and speaker. His first book, Shift: 19 practical, business-driven ideas for an executive in charge of marketing but not trained for the task, was published by Rockbench Publishing in 2018.

The bottom line? Sean, for the length of his career, has been helping emerging middle-market clients acquire more and more profitable customers. While the principles he uses work in almost any industry, Sean has particular experience in manufactured goods, professional services, carpet, software, and healthcare equipment. Sean's core principle applied: ``Few companies fail for lack of quality products or services. Most companies fail for a lack of revenue. If nothing gets sold, nothing else really matters.”

Every marketer, when asked for a list of representative clients, will pull out the biggest names in their portfolio. For Sean, it’s Georgia Pacific, the Southeastern Conference (yes the college sports empire), BBVA Compass (one of the largest banks on the globe) among other attention getters.

But the truth is that Sean has spent most of his career helping the kinds of companies that make up most of American business.

“Most of my clients are owners and executives who live with the daily pressures that come when cash flow is unpredictable. They are worried about meeting payroll. They are worried about short-term sales. They are worried about the twin obstacles of regulation and competition. My clients prefer answers to rhetoric. They prefer good enough to the perfect solution at 5x the cost and twice the time to implement.”

Anna Svarney

Strategist/Director of Client Services

“I keep my focus on the big picture and carrying that big-picture goal through the tactical plan to specific measurements. I see the big picture always.

Anna’s Areas of Expertise
Sales Barrier Analysis
Organizational Alignment
Marketing Attribution
Marketing Program Planning

How She Serves Our Clients
Anna studies our clients. A lot. She analyzes their sales and marketing processes to understand where misalignment is causing breakdowns. She studies their customers to understand why they buy or don’t buy. And only then does she develop the strategies that help our clients to break down the silos within their own sales and marketing teams, to overcome the barriers-to-sales and to drive new revenue.

Leveraging her research and analysis, she also helps our clients craft messaging that speaks directly to their customers' needs. She creates the strategic campaign plans our clients rely on to get their message in the right place, at the right time — all to produce results. Anna has extensive expertise in digital marketing, which is more vital than ever these days.

Anna is a graduate of the University of Alabama’s marketing program and has worked for several advertising agencies. She’s also worked on the client side as marketing director for a legal-industry startup, giving her a unique understanding of both sides of the agency-client team equation.

Mac Logue

Writer / Creative Director

“We help our clients define their messaging — how, strategically, they are going to position themselves to create the most revenue possible.”

Mac’s Areas of Expertise
Brand Definition and Positioning
Campaign Development and Executions
Content Strategy and Information Architecture
Corporate Culture: Definition and Development

What He Does for Our Clients
Mac is all about messaging, telling stories and making sure clients are talking to the right audience.

He’s learned over the years business owners and marketing directors tend to see everything from the company’s perspective. They want to talk about the company, the product, product features, product benefits.

Mac flips the narrative. He’s fond of saying, ‘You don’t buy a drill because you need a drill. You need a hole.’ He excels at helping clients see things from the customer’s perspective and crafting messaging that speaks to the customer in a relevant and meaningful way. Mac makes it all about the customer — the way it should be.

And, of course, as an award-winning creative director, Mac ensures each client’s carefully crafted, customer-centric messaging is packed in the highest quality, results-producing creative work.

Mac has been with FitzMartin for more than 20 years. As a writer, his early career included a number of jobs, from public relations for a minor league baseball team to Marketing Director for United Chair, a $100 million manufacturer of office seating.

Will Braden

Project Manager

“I like to get in and solve the problem instead of just getting something done.”

Will’s Areas of Expertise
Marketing Technology — Audit, Consulting and Development
UI/UX and Interface Design and Development
Graphic Design
Project Management

Why Our Clients Need This
These days, technology drives marketing and sales, online and offline. Will provides insights into the kind of technology our clients should be using to make their marketing/sales more integrated and more effective.

Will also specializes in UI/UX design and development. Whether he’s working on an app or website, his mission is always the same: to improve customer experiences and satisfaction; to drive engagement and ROI.

When it comes to project management, Will knows how to make sure the work flows as efficient as possible and we help our clients achieve their goals.

Will studied Industrial Design at Auburn University and, since graduating, has worked in both graphic and industrial design, with extensive emphasis on web-based design. He came to FitzMartin from an agency in Los Angeles where he was a web designer.

Will Riley


Originally from the Shoals area, “The Hit Recording Capital of the World,” Will received a degree in Communications from the University of North Alabama. It was there where he discovered his passions of impacting people and working in a creative environment.

“Our clients face different challenges and have different marketing and sales needs. I specialize in thinking through their sales processes and filling the gaps between lead generation and closing.”

Will’s Areas of Expertise
Digital Marketing Programs
Revenue Operations (RevOps):
Demand Generation
Sales Enablement
Customer Success Programs

Why our clients care
Will applies his unique skill set to create solutions that align a company’s sales and marketing efforts. To improve efficiency. To optimize the customer experience. And most importantly, to increase revenue.

The thing is, every business is unique and requires a customized, strategic approach to integrate sales and marketing and improve the customer journey.

That’s where Will comes in. He analyzes every stage of a client’s sales cycle to identify the gaps and barriers that are preventing more prospects from becoming clients. He then leverages the right technology or other tools to overcome those barriers to sales. His efforts create synchronicity and alignment and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.

After graduating with a degree in Communications from the University of North Alabama, Will was a member of an award-winning credit union marketing team and founded several businesses of his own before landing at FitzMartin.

Mackenzie Davis

Executive Assistant

Every so often, you bring people into your company who get things done. No fuss. No drama. Just get it done. Mackenzie (Kenz) is that person. The joke around here is, don’t ask Kenz to do something, unless you want the job finished, and done well.

Originally from Nashville, Kenz came to us from Samford University, where she earned her degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders (cum laude).

As for work experience, Kenz spent most of her time serving a number of faith-based organizations, including Delight Ministries, Pine Cover Christian Camps and Hunter Street Baptist Church. And I can assure you, if she was assigned a task — it got done.

Tina Willis

Account Executive

“Good, clear, concise communication is vital to moving businesses forward.”

Tina’s Areas of Expertise
Internal CommunicationMarketing
Program Planning and Execution
Program and Project Management

How She Helps Our Clients
We’re in a relationship with our clients, working with them to build their brands, attract customers, increase revenue and grow their business. And with any relationship — any successful one, that is — good communication is essential.

Tina is the one who makes this happen. She keeps the lines of communication open between client, agency and other stakeholders. She facilitates, translates, educates, motivates and manages, always focusing on efficiency and effectiveness. Within our company, she is also her clients’ advocate, ensuring that everything we do fulfills the goals we’ve set.

Tina also has expertise in all aspects of the sales process from annual planning to precision-targeted social media campaigns to uncovering customer insight through analytics. She has a global understanding of how to help businesses get noticed, get customers and get where they want to be.

Tina earned a B.A. in Communications from Auburn University. Before joining FitzMartin, Tina applied her communications and strategic expertise as account supervisor at an ad agency.

Kinsley Foster

Account Executive

“I’m agile. I have so many clients in so many sectors, I have to be able to pivot quickly and address each client’s immediate needs.”

Kinsley’s Areas of Expertise
Internal Communication
Marketing Program Planning and Execution
Program and Project Management

What She Does for Our Clients
Kinsley keeps things moving. She serves as the liaison between agency and client, and also does what she calls ‘sheparding’ everyone toward the same goal. In reality, she is her clients’ greatest advocate within our firm, ensuring that the work we do is on strategy. From budgeting to production schedules to results tracking, Kinsely always has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on.

Beyond the daily project management, Kinsley provides expert strategic planning consulting, specializing in annual planning and budgeting. She has deep experience helping clients establish business goals, identifying what challenges and barriers to sales they face, and creating plans to help them achieve their objectives while also working within their budget.

Kinsley graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Before coming to FitzMartin, Kinsley worked for several companies, serving as Marketing Specialist, Sales Representative, Sales Manager and Account Executive.

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