Revenue Operations

Overwhelmed by mountains of data and a marketplace that demands constant innovation? Today’s business landscape calls for a new organizational model that can unlock your company’s potential.

When we at FitzMartin begin working with a new client, we often find that its marketing, sales and customer support departments operate separately. For instance, the marketing team works with an ad agency to generate leads, the sales department huddles with coaches and consultants to help close more deals, while customer support evaluates a software solution to help fulfill a loyalty program.

We don’t mean to suggest that such work with these kinds of third parties isn’t worthwhile; we often recommend that our clients use these resources. Instead, the issues lie in the walls that separate these customer-facing departments and in the lack of coordination, communication and collaboration those barriers tend to cause.

Tear Down the Silos

Clearly, departments must work together to share ideas and intel. Technologies and other tools, too, should be integrated, not walled off from other business units.

Yet, in many instances, customer-facing departments have evolved into siloed units. They pursue their own strategies and goals, some of which work at cross purposes with other units, adding layers of complexity.

There is, however, a solution, and it’s one that allows companies to utilize much of their current organizational strengths while adapting to a changing marketplace and utilizing new technologies. Even better, it allows for continuous innovation to better serve the customer. 

The RevOps Solution

That solution is Revenue Operations. Also known as RevOps, it involves a reorganization of certain responsibilities and, in the process, breaks down barriers and finds revenue-generating opportunities throughout four main functions: 


RevOps teams work across all customer-facing departments to deliver strategic objectives and tactical program design.


They create alignment, helping with coordination, communication and collaboration across sales, marketing and customer success departments.


They take ownership of all technology used across these customer-facing units.


Using data gathered from marketing, sales and customer success, RevOps teams provide coordinated analysis of that intel, both strategically and day-to-day.

Looking at the model in another way:  RevOps personnel primarily focus on tool implementation and administration, while also overseeing process design and documentation, ensuring compatibility across departments. In effect, RevOps develops your company’s data collection and utilization infrastructure and maintains it for the benefit of all customer-facing personnel and, ultimately, your customers, no matter where they might be in their decision journey.

This latter point is critical, as RevOps isn’t focused only on sales and customer support teams. RevOps personnel  also work closely with marketing to ensure programs, such as Demand Generation, are optimized and that lessons learned by downstream customer-facing personnel are incorporated into top-of-funnel research and content creation. Such collaboration happens when—you guessed it—barriers between sales, marketing and customer success are removed. 

Cognitive Marketing and RevOps: Bringing Down Barriers to Sales

In our experience, we’ve seen numerous instances of how silos have created barriers to collaboration. Silos also cause duplication of effort and, ultimately, result in a structure that doesn’t help guide prospects through the impediments they encounter in their customer-decision journey. At FitzMartin, we help our clients understand how these obstacles, and the underlying science of behavior change, apply to their business. We call this approach to sales “Cognitive Marketing.”

You can read more about Cognitive Marketing here and discover how it drives most everything we do at FitzMartin and, more to the point, how it can help your business. It most certainly applies to the real-world application of RevOps, as it guides our efforts to align clients around the buyer and to deconstruct barriers to effective sales.  

How RevOps Actually Works: The FitzMartin Approach

Through what is typically an 18-month process, we begin work with new clients by performing a Sales-Barrier Analysis. With that analysis in hand, our RevOps specialists will then meet with a new client’s senior leadership as well as the company’s client-facing teams to review findings and discuss how to implement a plan for improvement. We’ll offer direction in the development of strategy and execution of tactics. And if our clients choose, we can sit in on sales calls, both with prospects and current customers. We’ll review data and help our clients better understand what that data is telling us and how to put it to its most effective use. 

In the end, the FitzMartin approach to RevOps—as with all of our offerings— is designed to help your company discover opportunities for greater efficiencies,  growth, revenue and profit. For more information about how RevOps, or any of our other services, can help your company, please give us a call at 205-322-1010.  

One FitzMartin client experienced an 8000% ROI in closing a late-stage target account.

Another client saw a 35% increase in online applications.

We were able to reduce lead contact time from three weeks to one day.

Increased website submissions by 486%.

MQLs increased by 76%.

A dormant list was re-engaged, producing $837,825 in LTV. 

RevOps: Step-by-Step

Applied to:

01. Organization

  • Create Service Level Agreement between customer-facing teams 
  • Design Organizational Re-Structure
  • Implement Cognitive Marketing Approach

02. Marketing

  • Perform MarTech Audit
  • Undertake Website Conversion Optimization
  • Review Personas
  • MAT Usage
  • Assess Lead Quality

03. Sales

  • Perform Sales-Barriers Analysis
  • Perform SalesTech Audit
  • Review CRM Usage
  • Devise Pipeline Acceleration Plan

04. Customer Success

  • Undertake e-Commerce Evaluation
  • Perform Product Review
  • Devise Cross-Sell/Upsell Map
  • Review Aftermarket Support

FitzMartin’s Holistic Approach

At FitzMartin, we offer comprehensive solutions that help our clients grow revenue—in the present and well into their future. Through an in-depth discovery process, we develop tailor-made solutions that prescribe a variety of organizational changes that promote efficiency and creativity as well as growth. 

In addition to RevOps consulting, our services include Sales Enablement to ensure alignment of our clients’ customer-facing teams; Market Research and a Sales-Barrier Analysis, both designed to focus sales and marketing efforts around prospects; and the aforementioned Demand Generation to help attract and convert the people and organizations most likely to benefit from our clients’ product or service. 

Again, at the core of our approach is “Cognitive Marketing,” which applies the science of behavior change to help prospects move through specific barriers in the buying process. It’s a holistic approach that guides our relationships with our clients while they work to develop lasting connections with theirs. 

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